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    Buy Cakes In A Mug Online

    Cuppa Cake travels all over the state of Georgia and the Southeastern United States to sell its famous Cuppa Cakes at trade shows and various events, but we wanted to make things a little easier for you. We now offer online purchases, and an e-commerce store that...

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    About Cuppa Cake

    As a mother with two young daughters, I was looking for a unique inexpensive gift idea for teachers. I came up with Cuppa’ Cake. That was 8 years ago! At the urging of friends (and teachers) we started doing craft shows at some of the...

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    Welcome To The Cuppa Cake Blog!

    Cuppa’ Cake is a unique, delicious homemade cake in a mug that you make in the microwave in 2 minutes! A Cuppa’ Cake comes complete with a high quality mug, a cake mix, an icing packet and microwaving instructions. We have 8 different flavors of...

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