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About Us

As a mother with two young daughters, I was looking for a unique inexpensive gift idea for teachers. I came up with Cuppa’ Cake. That was 9 years ago!

At the urging of friends (and teachers) we started doing craft shows at some of the local schools. My church even used Cuppa’ Cakes for Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day!

We quickly learned that if we sampled the cakes at the shows they were sure to sell. If you can, come check us out and we will give you a “taste”!
At one of our shows I had a Dad say, “Wow! This is sort of like a modern Easy Bake Oven!” He bought several for his kids to make at home.

One gentleman purchased a Cuppa’ Cake for each of his employees for Christmas. He said he was going to put a bottle of oil on his desk and have them enjoy the cakes on break. What a great idea!

Another family was having relatives for Thanksgiving. They purchased a Cuppa’ Cake for each of the children attending. The kids made their own dessert and had a mug to take home. They told me it was a HUGE success!

Along the same idea, another customer used them at her dinner party. Each one served as a place card and an individual dessert.

Cuppa’ Cakes are the perfect gift for college students, hostesses, secret pals, RVers, and more.

We’ve even sent cakes to soldiers deployed overseas!

It took a good deal of experimenting with recipes and delivery methods, but we now offer eight different cake flavors along with multiple mug choices and fun accessory possibilities. What began as a “hobby” has turned into a successful small business.

Cuppa’ Cakes are the ideal gift, and refills are always available.

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